The Anti Dude Move Method

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Is your business pulling the “19 Year Old Dude Move” on your customers? Read below to find out.

Are you pulling the “19 year-old dude move” on all of your prospects?

In other words… is your business that dude hitting on the first girl he sees at the bar… already asking her to come home with him after 2 minutes of lacklustre conversation?

In the same way this “19 year-old dude move” is an express ticket to a bunch of tissues, a handful of lotion and a lonely night…

anti dude move method

Your business’s approach to lead generation and sales is an express ticket to the barren land of missed opportunities and a lack of sales. Why?


Just like 99% of girls are not ready to sleep with a guy who pulls the “19 year-old dude move” at the bar… 99% of your prospects are not ready to buy from you the second they learn about your business.

The 19 year old dude move; AKA trying to close on your first transaction.

So what’s the alternative?

The Anti Dude Move is about creating content that provides an outstanding amount of value to your audience without asking for anything in return. This type of content is usually used in during the Attraction Stage of your funnel. As such, it serves as the first touch point for your audience.

The content at this initial point of contact must achieve the following:

  • Contain incredible value,
  • Contain no selling of any kind, and;
  • Appeal to as many people as possible inside of your relevant audience.

Remember, the better your content is the more likely you are at attracting people to your funnel at the lowest cost possible.

Where does this content live?

This type of content is not isolated. In fact, it must relate to your:

  • Lead Magnet,
  • Landing Page,
  • Thank You Page,
  • Relationship Escalator,
  • Upsell Page, and;
  • Primary Proposal.

To help you better understand the relationship between your Anti Dude Move content and the above, let’s take a look at how your prospects move through your funnel (in its most basic form).

The majority of prospects will begin their journey with you as a result of the content you’re pushing out to them.

During the consumption of said content – say a blog article (like this one on Facebook Ad Hacks) – your audience will be presented with the opportunity to opt-in to your Lead Magnet (like this one).

Those who complete the Lead Magnet will THEN be presented with the Relationship Escalator and eventually, they will be pitched your Primary Proposal.

What Types of Content Can You Create?

I cannot reiterate this enough. Your content must relate to your funnel’s Primary Proposal. And specifically, your Lead Magnet.

Ensuring congruency across your content means you maximise the Lead Magnet opt-in rate, while keeping your funnel relevant.

If you’re not using your Primary Proposal to reverse engineer your Lead Magnet, you will attract the wrong audience. Not to mention your content will be ineffective and costly (both time and money).

So what type of content can you create that leverages the power of the Anti Dude Move?

1. The ‘How To’ Post

This is my favourite type of content. It is a utility based blog post that teaches your audience how to complete a specific task where the title outlines exactly what they’re going to learn.

How To Remarket With Instagram Ads-min

A How To Post is valuable and consumable because it solves a problem your audience is experiencing both quickly and efficiently.

This type of content works best at the tope of your funnel.

Remember this must relate to you lead magnet.

2. The Listicle

A list based blog post which presents information in a numbered or bulleted form.

44 Social Media Tools Recommended by the Pros-min

Easily consumed and has a low level time commitment.

The title foreshadows content delivery and the time commitment needed to get through the article.

3. The Long Form Blog Post

This is any piece of content more than 1,200 words and requires a time commitment. It must be value packed.

This blog needs a high time commitment. Despite this, they work well because they deliver a deeper level of utility to your audience. If you can go deep on a Long Form blog post, you increase your value proposition and increase your brand value. Essentially you’re keeping them in on your website for a longer period of time.

4. Aggregated Content

Examples include tools and resources post (like this one). You can also include affiliate links inside this post (like I’ve done) if you’ve got them.

aggregated content post

Not only are you providing amazing value, you’re monetising it too!

5. Hybrid Content

This is where you combine one type of post with another to increase its success. For example combining a how to post with a listicle.

Your Turn:

Are you guilty of pulling the 19 year old dude move in your business?

That’s okay, I was at one point too!

Let me know if you have any questions by leaving a comment below – I really do read and reply to them all!

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