Facebook Ad Strategies: How I Generated $251,374.87 from a $16,365.38 Ad Spend

By Paul Ramondo on

TLDR: this article will teach you the exact Facebook Ad strategies blueprint I used to generate $251,374.87 of revenue from a $16,365.38 ad spend in only 32 days.

Do you currently use Facebook Ads to generate sales or leads for your business?

If you answered yes, then what you’re about to read is going to sound WAY too familiar…

You have an amazing product that you want the world to know about — so you started a Facebook Page.

You want as many people as possible to buy your product — so you started running Facebook Ads to find new customers.

You may have even made a few sales already — so you know you’re on the right track.

There’s only one problem…

The cost of your Facebook Ads are so high, you don’t want to continue out of fear of wasting your time and money.

Luckily, you’re a trooper, and you refuse to let this challenge defeat you.

So you continue to spend countless hours tinkering, optimising and playing around with different Facebook Ads and Facebook Ad strategies… but despite how hard you try, the cost of your ads still won’t decrease.

Up until now, your only options were:

(1) Spend a boatload of cash paying an agency to take over,

(2) Accept that your results are ‘as good as they’re ever going to get,’ or

(3) Invest a year’s worth of your own time and money learning how to get amazing results from your Facebook Ads all by yourself.

. . . I don’t know about you, but I went with option #3.

I literally spent over seven years of my time and 100’s of thousands of dollars of budget experimenting with every different type of Facebook Campaign and Facebook Ad Strategies I could imagine…

And it wasn’t until May of 2015 when I finally unlocked the ULTIMATE Facebook Ad Strategies Blueprint.

Since discovering this Facebook Ad Strategies Blueprint…

 I’ve significantly decreased the total costs of every single Facebook Ads Campaign I run,

  I’ve completely removed the guessing process from my audience targeting and,

  I’ve finally stopped wasting countless hours of time trying to get my ads to actually generate a profit. In fact — this Facebook Ad strategies blueprint works so effectively, it functions on autopilot once it’s been set up correctly.

Following this discovery, I spent the next 12 months applying this blueprint to every single Campaign I was working on.

And the results have been MIND BLOWING.

For example… in this case study, I turned $5,989.09 Facebook Ad spend into $163,969.49 of revenue in less than 34 days…

facebook marketing strategies

And, in this case study you’re currently reading, you’ll learn exactly how I generated $251,374.87 of revenue from a $16,365.38 Facebook Ad spend in only 32 days!

facebook ad strategies

Since I first blogged about these results…

I have been inundated with 100’s of requests for one-on-one coaching – from people across the world – who all want to learn this Facebook Ad strategies blueprint and apply it to their businesses.

Due to the time restrictions of my current schedule, I’ve had to unfortunately turn down the majority of these requests (really sorry if you’re reading this and I turned you down!) as I am limited on what I can cover in just one coaching session. Not to mention, the total cost of this type of coaching package is both impractical and uneconomical — which is not what i’m about!

If you’ve been following my journey on paulramondo.com for sometime now, you know my goal is to always provide as much value to my audience as possible…

And given I can’t physically or economically sit down with each and every one of you via Skype… I’ve decided to write this article, so I can share this Facebook Ad strategies blueprint with all of you, for free.

How This Will Work…

Before we continue, I want you to think of this article as if it were your personal roadmap to my website. And just like any self respecting roadmap, this article is packed with directions (my fancy way of saying ‘links’ – gotta love driving analogies).

By guiding you through my content catalogue, these directions will help you unlock my Facebook Ad strategies blueprint for INSANE ROI.

To make life simple, I’ve categorised each direction under one of the following modules:

Module 1:
Facebook Ad Strategies & The Role of Consumer Psychology

Module 2:
An Introduction to “The ELOPE Approach”

Module 3A:
The 3 Stages of “The ELOPE Approach”

Module 3B:
Prospects Are People Too…

Module 4:
How To Implement “The ELOPE Approach”

Once you have completed this article and its attached resources, you will be equipped with the knowledge needed to increase the total revenue your next Facebook Campaign generates — without wasting countless hours building it.*

* Note: If you have previously read my Facebook Marketing Strategies case study where I turned $5,989.09 Facebook Ad spend into $163,969.49 of revenue in 34 days, then I recommend skipping to Module 3.

Module 1: Facebook Ad Strategies & The Role of Consumer Psychology”

Before we continue, I want to make sure we are on the same page when it comes to our understanding of consumer psychology and digital marketing.

99% of people experience failure with their digital marketing because they build their campaigns from a very selfish, interruptive, “buy my shit” approach – as demonstrated by the following chart:

how not to approach your facebook ad strategies

In its simplest form, this selfish approach to Facebook Ad strategies (and digital marketing in general) works like this…

(1) A company selects the product they want to promote

(2) They then create a promotional Facebook Ad which targets the News Feed’s of their “perfect” customer

(3) This ad then gets placed in the News Feed’s of their target audience

Does this sound familiar?

I can almost guarantee you’ve been guilty of this very approach in the past… And that’s totally okay, because I have been too!

The psychological problem with this approach to Facebook Ad Strategies…

Is it doesn’t cater to the underlying consumer psychology which is ubiquitous in all industries, both on and offline… which is a massive roadblock to the success you’re likely to achieve from your Facebook Ad strategies.

Fun fact, this “buy my shit” approach to digital marketing is more commonly known as “Interruption Marketing”.

Interruption Marketing 101:

This is a method of marketing where businesses try to acquire new customers by simply promoting their products and services through continued advertising, promotions, public relations, discounted offers, etc…

Interruption marketing is EVERYWHERE…

I guarantee if you were to check your Facebook right now, it would only take a few scrolls before an interruption based ad appears in your Feed.

Interruption marketing is also IRONIC…

Interruption marketing is truly ironic because it alienates and annoys people that could have potentially become brand evangelists… if they were approached in the right way.

The technical challenges of interruption marketing:

The other problem with this approach to digital marketing is more technical in nature.

Whenever you implement one of your Facebook Ad strategies, you need to remember Facebook’s Mission Statement:

“to give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected. People use Facebook to stay connected with friends and family, to discover what’s going on in the world, and to share and express what matters to them”

You also need to remember that Facebook makes its bottom line by monetising its user’s data through advertising. Thus, if you’re adopting an interruption based approach to your digital marketing, your ads will be penalised by Facebook (or Google) with a low Relevance Score (Quality Score). If this happens to the ads in your campaign, it will cost you money… a lot of it.

What is the Opposite of Interruption Based Marketing you ask?


It’s the reason why I have consistently achieved such mind blowing results from my Facebook Ad strategies. And it also happens to be the EXACT OPPOSITE of interruption marketing.

Relevance is EVERYTHING when it comes to developing your Facebook Ad strategies because it’s directly linked to your overall success.

Facebook measures the relevance of your ads using the “Relevance Score” metric (which can be found in your Facebook Ads Manager and Facebook Power Editor dashboards).

When you build your campaigns with relevance in mind, Facebook will reward you with high Relevance Scores – like the ones you see below.

facebook ad strategies results
And when you achieve high Relevance Scores, the total cost of implementing your Facebook Ad strategies drops significantly. 


Directions From Here:

My head is spinning, I need to learn more fundamental theory before I continue.” 

Paul, I understand what you’re talking about, but would love to read another case study before I continue.

“I’m picking up what you’re putting down mate, I’m going to continue to Module 2.”

Module 2: An Introduction to “The ELOPE Approach”

Do you want access to the secret sauce I smother my digital marketing blueprints with?

I call it “The Elope Approach.”

I designed The Elope Approach to help me create campaigns which consistently produce high Relevance Scores and INSANE ROI.

When implemented correctly, The Elope Approach will help you achieve the EXACT OPPOSITE of interruption based marketing – which is the primary reason why it works so well.

How Does The Elope Approach View Prospects?

  it values a prospect’s time as much as they value it themselves

  it believes that prospects are not walking wallets

  it believes businesses need to romance a prospect and build a relationship with them instead of trying to close on the first date

  it believes that data is king and should be used to optimise your assumptions with reality

  it understands that not every prospect wants to buy your product

  it understands that you may not make a sale today, but you may be able to make one tomorrow

  it understands everything that is promoted needs to be multivariate tested first

  it understands prospects don’t want to be bombarded with interruption-based ads


Directions From Here:

Now I’m confused, I think I need to learn more fundamental theory before I continue.

“I’m picking up what you’re putting down mate, I’m going to continue to Module 3.”

Module 3A: The 3 Stages of “The ELOPE Approach”

The ELOPE Approach uses the analogies of ‘dating’ and building a ‘relationship’ to help you effectively market to your target audience.

And just like the process of dating or building a relationship, The ELOPE Approach understands that no two prospects (people) in your digital marketing funnel are the same.

As a result, different prospects will carry different mindsets and priorities based on their relationship status with your business or product. By understanding this concept, The Elope Approach allows us to categorise each prospect into one of three stages – Attraction, Courtship or Commitment. 

Stage 1: Attraction

Prospects in this phase of your funnel either:

(a) aren’t currently aware they have a problem or,

(b) have a problem but it’s not a priority

Think of prospects in this part of your funnel as being “single” – they are not currently in a relationship because they don’t see the point OR, they don’t prioritise being in a relationship at this stage of their life.

As such, prospects in this phase of your funnel don’t know they need your services, nor do they know your business even exists!

To effectively attract and engage this cold audience, you’ll need to start a dialogue and point of reference through your content.

To do this, you’ll need to offer this audience content which is low obligation in both nature and time commitment.

Content like this 3 – 5 minute blog article or a low commitment lead magnet will always work well.

Stage 2: Courtship

Prospects in this phase of your funnel:

(a) are aware they have a problem and,

(b) are looking for information on how to solve it

Think of the prospects in this part of your funnel as a cute guy / gal that you’ve recently started dating. You’re both enjoying the process of getting to know each other and are slowly working out whether you want to get serious and commit to a relationship.

Because you’ve been on a few ‘dates’ already – through the content you’ve been sharing – prospects in this phase of your funnel are likely aware they have a problem. As a result, they are looking to you for more information on how to solve it. They are also more willing to invest their time trying to find a solution.

Therefore, you can offer them something that requires a more significant time commitment than prospects who are still in Stage 1.

Content like this free video course is a great example of a more time significant offer to prospects in this phase of your funnel.

Stage 3: Commitment

Prospects in this phase of your funnel:

(a) know they have a real problem which affects them emotionally and because of this…

(b) they are ready to work with you today

Think of prospects in this part of your funnel as ready to commit to a relationship and ‘elope’ with your business and not your competition. If your product or service adequately solves the real problems these prospects have, you will enjoy ridiculous conversion rates and insane ROI.

Challenges Affecting Commitment: 

You shouldn’t face too many challenges when asking prospects in Stage 3 of your funnel to commit to (buy) you. However, it’s good to keep in mind that like all buyers, these prospects are influenced by market dynamics such as opportunity cost, time, price, requirements, homogenous product offerings, your competitors etc.

By understanding the different types of prospects which exist and what their current relationship is with your business, you’ll able to build digital marketing funnels and systems which target and speak to each prospect with effectiveness and relevance. 

If your business adopts this approach to your digital marketing, you will be positioned to achieve more clicks, more leads and more sales, at a cheaper rate than you’ve ever experienced in the past.

Module 3B: Prospects Are People Too…

Chances are, the way you communicate with your best friend is different to the way you would talk to someone you have just met.

The same is true when your brand communicates to prospects who are in different stages of their relationship with your business. Therefore, you need to build your communication around the context of your existing relationship with each prospect.

To do this, you need to create a series of experiences and stories which are relevant to each specific stage of your funnel.

How Do You Create These Experiences & Stories?

Go back and quickly reread the three stages of The Elope Approach, but as you’re reading, I want you to think about what types of experiences you could create…

And the kind of stories your content could tell…

Which will best resonate with prospects at every stage of your funnel.

By understanding how to effectively communicate and engage prospects at each stage of your funnel, you will win.

“Paul, I have already created awesome experiences and content – but I still can’t make many sales!”

You know that awesome blog post you just spent 6 hours writing, formatting and publishing?

I guarantee you no one really cares about it as much as you do.

That’s because people tend not to care about information and content nearly as much as they care about listening to a great story or being part of an amazing experience.

Therefore, if you can create a series of stories and experiences which align with your prospect’s psychology at each different stage of your funnel… Your digital marketing will become next level RELEVANT. And what happens when your digital marketing becomes relevant?

You achieve the EXACT OPPOSITE of interruption based marketing. 

And then crazy things start to happen…

CPC’s drop… Reach increases… Social referrals boom… Leads skyrocket…
and SALES explode!

Remember – when your marketing is relevant to the audience you are targeting… And your audience trusts you are the right person to solve their problem…

You will be able to effortlessly guide prospects through the phases of your digital marketing funnel until they finally commit and purchase from you.

Not to mention, if you’ve played your cards right…

These customers will then turn into crazy, raving, fanatical brand evangelists…

Helping your business to grow exponentially in the future – at no additional cost.

Module 4: How To Implement “The ELOPE Approach”

To learn how to implement The Elope Approach from a technical perspective, please click here, where you’ll be redirected to another article which will teach you how to do this.

Your Turn:

Did you find this article helpful? Is there anything you’d like more clarity on? Will you be applying The ELOPE Approach to your next digital marketing campaign? Let me know in the comments below!


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