How To Build A Killer Lead Magnet For Less Than $1

By Paul Ramondo on

Without an effective lead magnet for your conversion funnel, you will NEVER build a sales system which works on AUTOPILOT.

This is because your lead magnet captures the life giving Email Address and First Name your funnel NEEDS in order to run.

And as such, it is one of the most IMPORTANT parts of your funnel…

It’s also one of the BIGGEST CHALLENGES my clients have when building they set out to build their own funnel…

“What is a lead magnet?”

“What kind of lead magnet can I create… and how do you even create them?”

“Can I create a lead magnet without spending too much money?”

Sound familiar?

In this 3 minute read, you will NOT ONLY get the ANSWERS to these questions… BUT you will also be shown EXACTLY how to build your very own lead magnet for LESS THAN $1.

What Is A Lead Magnet?

The term ‘lead magnet’ refers to any type of value packed content (e.g. an eBook) which is offered to an audience during or after consuming some form of content (e.g. a blog post).

In order to receive the lead magnet, an audience must pay with some form of currency – this is most commonly their first name and email address. 

What Is The Goal of A Lead Magnet?

A lead magnet’s main goal is to turn cold traffic into lukewarm prospects.

It achieves this goal by “upgrading” the relationship your cold traffic has with your business (by turning them into an email subscriber or a very low paying customer).

Once the contact information has been captured, your leads will be automatically moved into your funnel… which is where the true magic happens.

What Kinds Of Lead Magnets Can I Create?

There are so many different types of lead magnets you can create for your funnel…

Blueprints, How-To Guides, Free Video Series, eBooks & Social Media Templates are just a few examples of the ones I have scattered across my website.

The important things to remember when creating your own LM are:

  • ensure it is full of value,
  • ensure it is easy to consume,
  • ensure it is relevant to the original piece of content it will be promoted through


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Using my website’s LM’s as an example; it would be appropriate to promote my Free Video Course, Facebook Funnels 101to those people who are reading this article (like I’m doing right now 😉 ). Why? Because this video course is related to the subject matter I’m discussing with this audience (AKA you).

In the same train of thought, it would not be appropriate to promote my “How To Retarget With Instagram Ads” eBook within this article, because it is completely unrelated to the subject matter we are discussing. 

How To Build A Killer Lead Magnet For Less Than $1:

It’s true.

You can create killer lead magnets for less than $1.  In fact, you can create them FOR FREE.

Thanks to the awesome folks over at Canva.com, anyone can create professional, high quality lead magnets FOR FREE by using their extensive library of beautiful templates for free.

lead magnet

Click here to start browsing Canva’s template library.

How Do I Connect My Lead Magnet To My Funnel?

Once you have created a killer lead magnet, you have to connect it to your funnel. But don’t stress, it’s super simple!

To learn exactly how to connect your lead magnet to your email marketing platform, website and funnel, read this article.

For an in depth course on building your very first Facebook Funnel, check out my free video course, Facebook Funnels 101.

Further Learning:

If you haven’t already, I recommend reading this case study, which walks you through the exact Facebook marketing strategies I used to turn $5,989.09 of Facebook Ad spend Into $163,969.49 of revenue in 34 days.

Lead Magnet Webinar:

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