Social SEO 101: How To Use Facebook To Create Backlinks On Autopilot



Do you want to scale the effectiveness of your Facebook marketing efforts?


Are you interested in a foolproof way to build high quality backlinks for your SEO on autopilot?


In this five minute read, I will show you the exact blueprint I used to build 100’s of high quality backlinks on autopilot simply by clicking the “Publish” button on my Facebook Page.


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How To Use Facebook To Create Backlinks On Autopilot:


To build backlinks from our Facebook posts on autopilot, we will be leveraging the power of If This Then That (IFTTT).


IFTTT is a web-based platform that allows you to create chains of simple commands (known as “recipes”) that are triggered when a specific action is made on a social network (e.g. posting content to Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter etc).


Most seasoned Social Media Marketers leverage the power of IFTTT to automate all sorts of time consuming tasks such as:

  • auto-posting Instagram photos natively to Twitter (allowing you to actually see the Instagram photo natively on your Twitter feed with one click – as opposed to a nasty URL)
  • auto-archiving any of your social content in Dropbox folders for future ease of access
  • auto-syncing your Facebook Profile photo with your Twitter Profile photo whenever you update your photo


However, I am yet to see social media marketers or SEO’s use IFTTT to build backlinks from social on autopilot.


Yes, your social media is about to get a bit more SEO.


Before we continue, let’s quickly polish up our understanding Social SEO with this quick, in-a-nutshell explanation.



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What is Social SEO?


Social SEO is the process of using a website’s activity on social media to positively affect the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine’s “organic” results.


A website’s visibility and organic rankings on the search engines are influenced by a plethora of factors that are constantly changing… to give you an idea of just how many there are, check out this list of 200 Google Ranking Factors from


Empirical evidence has shown the SEO Community time and time again that there is a strong correlation between the number and quality of “dofollow” backlinks a website receives, and its overall rankings on the search engines.


Thus, for the purposes of this Blueprint, I will be showing you exactly how to build dofollow backlinks on autopilot from your social media content.


Disclaimer: I do not recommend anyone without a confident understanding and experience in the turbulent sphere that is SEO to use this blueprint. For those that ignore this warning – let’s face it, this blueprint is so awesome that a lot of you will – please drink the Kool-Aid yourself before you go and offer it to your clients. The last thing you want to do is to have your client’s website blacklisted from the search engines because you didn’t know the risks.


This blueprint I will be sharing with you today is the exact same method that I used to build 100’s of do-follow backlinks on autopilot for one of my affiliate sites.


This blueprint alone is responsible for driving close to 28,000 Pageviews and has ranked 7 of my main keywords on the first page of Google since I implemented it.


It’s so powerful that I literally haven’t posted any new content from ANY of this website’s social channels since December of 2014.


Yes, that’s right, I have not posted ANY new content OR created ANY new backlinks since December 2014, AND my website STILL continues to generate organic traffic on autopilot month on month.




Before we begin, you will need to have the following:


  1. Admin access to your brand’s Facebook Page


  1. Admin access to your brand’s Tumblr account


  1. An IFTTT account that has been synced and authorised with your brand’s Facebook and Tumblr accounts


  1. A list of your brand’s primary keywords and their associated target web pages


  1. A list that matches each of your brands primary keywords with a commercially relevant non spammy hashtag. For example, if your website is targeting the keyword “social media marketing”, the associated hashtag could be #socialmediamarketing



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The Step By Step Social SEO Blueprint:


  1. Open IFTTT – and sign into your account.


  1. Hover over your account name (top right) and click “Preferences




  1. Uncheck “Auto shorten URLs” and then click “Update Settings”




  1. Visit my IFTTT Recipe by clicking here.



  1. Facebook Hashtag Correlating To Target Keyword = select one hashtag that correlates to one of your keywords from the list above – e.g. #socialmediamarketing




  1. Title = Your keyword with other relevant text – e.g. “Social Media Marketing on Facebook” or whatever you’d like



  1. Body =


<img src=”{{ImageSource}}”><br>


reblogged via <a href=”{{Link}}”>{{PageName}}</a><br><a href=””>Your Keyword</a>



Using our “social media marketing” example from above, this would look more like:


  1. Tumblr Hashtag =


Whatever hashtags you want, in fact, go hashtag crazy! Not only is it not frowned upon (it’s Tumblr after all), I damn right encourage it.


If you’re pushing out quality content (which, if you’re not doing this by 2015, then wow, please stop reading here), then the more traffic you can drive to each post via said hashtags.


More traffic to each post will increase the propensity your content has to multiply through reblogs, thus increasing the propensity your backlinks have to be multiplied.


(I shouldn’t have to mention what kind of positive effect this activity alone will have on both your website traffic and organic rankings in the search engines.)



  1. Hit “Add”



  1. Go to “My Recipes” and check the Social SEO Blueprint recipe is working by hitting the Check Button (next to the power button) under the “IF” tab.




You will see the following notification if the recipe is working:




  1. Finally, live test your recipe is working by publishing a new post on your Facebook Page with the relevant hashtag from above… and you’re done!




A note to my contemporaries.


Yes, I totally agree this blueprint is offensive to what many typically consider to be ‘best practice’ social media marketing.


Social media purity aside, this blueprint will save you hours upon hours of wasted time normally spent on white hat backlink creation by allowing you to put the entire process on autopilot.


Why This Blueprint Works So Well For SEO:


Tumblr is one of the only social networks that gives its content creator’s the ability to both customise the HTML and anchor text of their content’s links, while also allowing these links to be “dofollow” in nature.






When you combine Tumblr’s power of content customisation with:


  • its overarching Domain Authority of 99,
  • your brand page’s individual Page Authority,
  • the ability for high quality content to be reblogged (multiplying the power of your backlinks by factorX shared + native traffic)


AND the fact this is all being done for you on AUTOPILOT… you truly have an awesome, white hat, Social SEO tool at your disposal.


Bonus: Download the EXACT Template I use to create perfect Facebook Posts that are primed from INSANE organic reach. Click here to get your free copy.


Your Turn:


This Social SEO Blueprint is a very, very powerful tool that will automate the creation of white hat backlinks from your brand’s Tumblr, and save you hours of time in the process.


However anyone with the slightest SEO experience will tell you how important having a diversified backlink portfolio is, and simply relying on this blueprint to build you links will NOT end well for you.


As Benjamin Parker once said, “With great power comes great responsibility”.


So whatever you do, be sure to use this newfound power you have in addition to your brand’s existing SEO and backlinking strategy.


The last piece of advice I must share with you is BE PATIENT!


Ranking a website for your brand’s keywords can take a long time, so do not expect this blueprint to catapult your website to the first page of any search engine overnight.


What is your experience with Social SEO? Did this blueprint work for you? What other tips and tricks have you found that can help others get more SEO out of their Social Media Marketing? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.


Step By Step YouTube Tutorial:





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  • I am just a blogger so pardon my ignorance. But what is the difference in this method vs directly sharing my blog post to my tumblr page? If I share directly, won’t I get the backlink?

  • Ah I’m sorry man – it works fine for me? :/ Is your IFTTT account connected up correctly?

  • Hey man – yes you will :) But you won’t have a backlink that’s optimised with anchor text of your choosing, and you’d also have to manually do the work as opposed to having it automated. :)

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  • Let me know if you’re still having trouble – I know that IFTTT can be tricky if you have multiple Facebook Pages or had other Facebook Pages synced up in the past.

  • Yo @jeffvevans:disqus thanks for your comment and kind words.

    It could work with curated posts, it would just be down to what anchor text you choose to optimise with (assuming it’s being posted to a Facebook Page and Tumblr Account that you are in full control over).

    Let me know if there’s anything else I can do to help :)

  • Yo @benkstner:disqus thanks for your comment. I believe the X-Robots Tag your referring to is only acting on the http path for the Tumblr pixel – however I am not 100% certain of this an welcome anyone to correct me if i’m wrong. Check out for further reading about X-Robots.

    Regardless, my experience with primarily using Tumblr to build backlinks for my affiliate sites over the past year or so has resulted in significant increases in Rankings as well as traffic for competitive keywords.

    Let me know if there’s anything else I can help out with :)

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