7 Facebook Ad Hacks For Cheaper Clicks

facebook ad hacks

I’ve been using Facebook Ads to successfully drive qualified traffic and generate sales online for more than 5 years now. In that time, I’ve learnt some really neat Facebook Ad hacks which I use to achieve more clicks (at a cheaper rate) across all the Campaigns I work on.


Whether you’re a Facebook Ads n00bie… or a Facebook Ads ninja…


I’m certain the following Facebook Ad hacks will help you achieve more clicks from relevant traffic, at a cheaper rate.



#1 – Target Your Existing Audience First


Why waste clicks on cold traffic when you can target your existing audience first?


Compared to cold traffic, your existing audience is more likely to respond positively to the content which you promote to them. These positive responses will manifest themselves into reactions, comments, shares, tags and most importantly, clicks.


facebook ad hacks

Results from targeting my existing audience first.


Beyond the benefits of increased CTR’s, decreased CPC’s and higher relevance scores, targeting your existing audience first has the MASSIVE benefit of social proof.


What do I mean by this?


By promoting your content to your existing audience first, and then promoting the same ads to your targeted cold traffic second… Your ads will maintain all of the social proof (in the form of reactions, comments, tags, shares) they have already received. This means, by the time it reaches your cold traffic, your content is more likely to result in attention and action due to the existing social proof attached to the content you’re promoting.


This means, more clicks, by more people at a cheaper rate.



#2 – Repurpose Your Ads For Split Testing


If you’ve been following my content for a while, you’ll know that I am a MASSIVE believer in split testing. After using the first Facebook Ad Hack (above), I recommend using Facebook Power Editor to recreate your existing Ads to test the following:

  • Variations of your Ad’s headline
  • Variations of your Ad’s graphic
  • Variations of your Ad’s copy (try short form and long form variations)
  • Variations of your Ad’s type (try recreating the Ad in both Website Link & Carousel formats)



ad hacks facebook

Example of split testing Ads using Power Editor.


If this seams like a lot of work… that’s because it really is. That said… I can’t begin to tell you HOW MUCH of an impact split testing at a low budget has on your overall success. 


“Paul… that sounds real cool and all… but it also sounds like split testing your ads will take A LOT of effort and suck up A LOT of time…”


Yep. This is true… However like most things in the world of digital marketing… there is a short cut. And I, just as much as the next person, am all about working smarter.. not harder. That’s why I use a platform called AdEspresso to automate the entire process of split testing.


Split Testing Using AdEspresso: Worked Example


If you’re reading this article right now, it’s very likely you arrived here as a result of a Facebook Ad. In fact… You most likely clicked on any one of the ten ads you see below. And by ten, I actually mean 20, because I also split tested the device placement of these ads across desktop and mobile (more on split testing device placements below).


facebook ad split testing using adespresso

Example of automated Image Creative split testing using AdEspresso.



To do this, I simply uploaded ten different image variations into AdEspresso for testing. I then defined two seperate Headlines and two Seperate Texts that I wanted to test across my Facebook Ads.


adespresso split testing

Automated Headline and Text split testing using AdEspresso.


I then defined the audience I wanted to target (AKA you), my conversion goals, as well as my budget and time frame. All I had to do next was hit the “Publish Now” button and AdEspresso took care of the heavy lifting for me (including uploading these ads to Facebook automatically).


I then duplicated the first campaign I created (which was targeting Desktop users only) and changed the placement of these ads to Mobile. This all resulted in 2 Campaigns, 9 Ad Sets and 360 different variations of Ads being created for me in a matter of seconds.



AdEspresso created 360 different Ad variations in a matter of seconds.


Free Case Study: Want to learn exactly how I generated $251,374.87 of sales from $16,365.38 of Facebook Ads in only 32 days? Click here to get instant access to this blueprint.



#3 – Repurpose Your Ad Sets For Split Testing


As I alluded to in the previous Facebook Ad hack, I recommend you split test the following at the Ad Set level:

  • Variations of your Ad Set’s demographic & sociographic targeting
  • Variations of your Ad Set’s bidding strategy
  • Variations of your Ad Set’s bidding rate


facebook ad hacks

Example of split testing Ad Sets using Power Editor.


By repurposing your Ads & Ad Sets for split testing and then optimising your results, you will be able to attain more clicks, by more people, at a cheaper rate.


It’s also worth mentioning that AdEspresso has a built in “Auto-Optimisation” feature which, you guessed it… Automatically optimises your campaigns so they only show the best performing ads at the LOWEST cost. Pretty neat, right?



#4 – Master Custom Audiences


By installing the Facebook Pixel on your website, you will be able to create Website Custom Audiences based on your past website traffic.


facebook ad hacks - facebook funnel

Creating a Website Custom Audience using Power Editor.


By simply learning how to use Custom Audiences to retarget your past website visitors, you will achieve way cheaper clicks on your Facebook Ads. Once you’re confident creating and using Website Custom Audiences, I recommend you implement Facebook Ad Hacks number five.


#5 – Retarget Your Visitors With Facebook Lead Ads


There’s no argument that lead magnets are an effective way to build your email list. However, these leads can be a tad pricey if they’re not captured correctly. So how does one use Facebook Ads to generate leads without breaking the bank?


Simply retarget your website visitors using a Facebook Lead Ad to deliver your lead magnet.


I used this exact strategy to retarget people who viewed this very article using the Facebook Lead Ad below…


facebook lead ad hacks

Example of a Facebook Lead Ad retargeting past website visitors.


… and it generated 204 leads at silly $0.35 per lead!


facebook lead ad hacks


Facebook Ads are all about relevance. If you can create enticing an lead magnet which you then promote to specific and RELEVANT audience, you will almost be guaranteed cheaper clicks…. not to mention, cheaper cost per leads too!


Free Facebook Ads Case Study: Click here to learn exactly how I generated $251,374.87 of sales from $16,365.38 of Facebook Ads in only 32 days.



#6 – Use Facebook Funnels To “Drip” Content


Another one of the great Facebook Ad Hacks I use for cheaper clicks is “Facebook Funnel Dripping”. Let me explain…


You can create Custom Audiences for your website visitors based on the number of days which have passed since last viewing your content. This allows you to create a Facebook Funnel which drips out new content to past website visitors on autopilot.


This is one of my favourite Facebook Ad hacks I’ve listed in this article. Not only does this hack allow you to get more clicks at a cheaper price, but it also allows you to funnel your website visitors towards a specific goal. For example, let’s say you want to drip a series of 4 blog posts to your cold traffic over a period of a week…


Start by creating the following custom audiences:

  • Anyone Who Has Visited My Website (Last 1 Day)
  • Anyone Who Has Visited My Website (Last 2 Days)
  • Anyone Who Has Visited My Website (Last 3 Days)
  • Anyone Who Has Visited My Website (Last 4 Days)
  • Anyone Who Has Visited Blog 1 (Last 180 Days)
  • Anyone Who Has Visited Blog 1 (Last 1 Day)
  • Anyone Who Has Visited Blog 1 (Last 2 Days)
  • Anyone Who Has Visited Blog 1 (Last 3 Days)
  • Anyone Who Has Visited Blog 2 (Last 180 Days)
  • Anyone Who Has Visited Blog 2 (Last 1 Day)
  • Anyone Who Has Visited Blog 2 (Last 2 Days)
  • Anyone Who Has Visited Blog 3 (Last 180 Days)
  • Anyone Who Has Visited Blog 3 (Last 1 Day)
  • Anyone Who Has Visited Blog 4 (Last 180 Days)
  • Anyone Who Has Visited Blog 4 (Last 1 Day)


You then need to create individual Ad Set which contains an Ad for each blog you’d like to drive traffic to. Once you’ve created these Ad Sets and Ads, you then need to chronologically “stack” your custom audiences. By stacking your audiences, you will sequentially send ads to your past website visitors on autopilot, without retargeting those people who have already read your content.


Use the following guide to stack your Ad Sets chronologically:


Ad Set – Blog 1


  • Anyone Who Has Visited My Website (Last 1 Day)


  • Anyone Who Has Visited Blog 1 (Last 180 Days)


Ad Set – Blog 2


  • Anyone Who Has Visited Blog 1 (Last 1 Day)
  • Anyone Who Has Visited My Website (Last 2 Days)


  • Anyone Who Has Visited Blog 2 (Last 180 Days)


Ad Set – Blog 3


  • Anyone Who Has Visited Blog 2 (Last 1 Day)
  • Anyone Who Has Visited Blog 1 (Last 2 Days)
  • Anyone Who Has Visited My Website (Last 3 Days)


  • Anyone Who Has Visited Blog 3 (Last 180 Days)


Ad Set – Blog 4 


  • Anyone Who Has Visited Blog 3 (Last 1 Day)
  • Anyone Who Has Visited Blog 2 (Last 2 Days)
  • Anyone Who Has Visited Blog 1 (Last 3 Days)
  • Anyone Who Has Visited My Website (Last 4 Days)


  • Anyone Who Has Visited Blog 4 (Last 180 Days)


If you’d like an in depth guide to setting up your very own Facebook Funnel system, I recommend you check out my free Facebook Funnels video course by clicking here.



#7 – Build Your Page Likes With Video Retargeting


You can easily build your Facebook Page Likes by following the same strategies outlined in the Facebook Ad hacks above. To do this, simply film a video which asks your audience to Like your Facebook Page.


Next, create a Facebook Likes Campaign and build an Ad Set which only targets people who have visited your website in the last day. You’ll also need to exclude people who already Like your Facebook Page. And that’s it! You’ve just set up an automatic Like generator for your Facebook Page. If you haven’t already liked my Facebook Page in the past, you can expect to see an Ad (similar to the Ad below) over the next 24 hours on your mobile News Feed. If you’re feeling generous, watch the 20 second video and drop me a Like. 


facebook retargeting ad hack

Look for this ad in your Mobile News Feed over the next 24 hours and if you’re feeling generous, drop my Facebook Page a Like.


This simple yet effective Facebook Ad Hacks is awesome for two reasons… One, it allows you to effortlessly build your Facebook Likes at a cheap rate on autopilot. And two, building your Facebook Likes using this method means decreased CPC’s on the ads you run to your existing audience in the future. Talk about a win, win.



Free Facebook Ads Case Study: Click here to learn exactly how I generated $251,374.87 of sales from $16,365.38 of Facebook Ads in only 32 days.



Your Turn To Apply These Facebook Ad Hacks:


Do you know any really cool Facebook Ad Hacks?

Will you apply any of the Facebook Ad Hacks you’ve learnt above?

What other Facebook Ad Hacks have you found that can help others get more return out of their Facebook Ads?

Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


Chat soon!




Paul Ramondo


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