Snapchat Marketing: 5 Hacks To Grow Your Followers

snapchat marketing

Are you thinking of adding Snapchat marketing to your digital strategy?


Wondering what the best ways to go about Snapchat marketing are?


In this article you’ll discover 5 Snapchat marketing hacks that will help your business gain more followers and ultimately drive more sales from the platform.


#1: Utilise Video In Your Snapchat marketing 


Did you know that more than 7 billion videos are sent via Snapchat every day? (Bloomberg News, 01/2016)


This news is awesome for two main reasons. One, the amount of videos sent via Snapchat each day has almost doubled since September last year. Two, Snapchat’s impressive number of daily video views is only 1 billion short of Facebook’s 8 billion daily video views (as of October last year).


When you consider how many Facebook users there are in total (1.59 billion), it becomes clear that Snapchat is dominating the social-video attention graph.


So what do these statistics mean for the future of Snapchat marketing?


It’s clear Snapchat has defeated Facebook as the social platform preferred by users to send and receive video on.


For brands already using video as part of their marketing mix, they should make it their priority to repurpose this content and natively tell their story tell through video on Snapchat.


For brands not currently using video in their marketing mix, Snapchat represents a very low cost:high return opportunity to experiment with video story telling.



Snapchat Video Marketing Example: World Wildlife Fund’s #LastSelfie Snapchat Campaign


#2: Use The “Add Me URL Feature” To Grow Your Snapchat marketing Audience 


One of the key challenges facing brands when getting started with their Snapchat marketing is the lack of a native discovery feature. When you couple this challenge with no publicly available advertising product, it makes it very difficult for marketers to grow their Snapchat followers.


However, in January of 2016, Snapchat just rolled out its new Add Me URL Feature.


This feature allows users to copy their “unique URL or instantly share it through other .”  When tapped on a mobile device, the URL “opens a preview of your profile on Snapchat with an ‘Add’ button.”


If you’re currently reading this article on your smartphone, click the image below to see this new feature in action.


snapchat marketing ideas

Please note; this feature only works works on mobile and does not work if you are already following said user’s link you have clicked on. 


To use this feature, simply replace my username (paulramondo) with your Snapchat username in the URL below.


#3: Leverage Existing Networks To Grow Your Snapchat marketing Audience


One tried and tested way to grow your Snapchat following is to use your existing networks to drive your audience to follow you on Snapchat.


Whilst this third Snapchat marketing hack is nothing new, it has become more powerful thanks to the new Add Me URL feature mentioned above.


The following list contains some ideas for where you can use Snapchat’s “one click to follow” functionality coupled with an appropriate call to action to build your Snapchat audience:


1.  Your brand’s bio or website URL section of your existing Instagram / Twitter / Facebook / Other Social Media accounts 


marketing snapchat


2. Your personal  and/or company’s email signature

3. The side bar of your brand’s website (example from my website above)

4. In your biography when you guest post

5. On your organic social content

6. Inside your existing blog posts


#4: Incentivise Your Audience To Follow You


We are currently living through an oversupply of content and noise on social media.


Ironically, one of the reasons Snapchat has become so successful so quickly is due to its lack of noise and competition from every Tom, Dick and Harry trying to push their sales agenda into their audience’s feed.


Whilst some of your most loyal fans will not hesitate to follow you on Snapchat when you simply ask them to, the majority of your fan base will need some more convincing.


A great way to convince your audience to follow you on Snapchat is to incentivise them to do so.


Throwback Thursday to 2014 and Taco Bell’s simple yet effect Snapchat launch strategy incentivised their existing audience to follow them on Snapchat through an exclusive, Snapchat only Product Launch.


snapchat marketing taco bell


Other brands, like 16 Handles (a frozen yoghurt chain) incentivise their audience to follow them on Snapchat by offering exclusive, Snapchat only discount coupon codes.


snapchat marketing campaign


#5: Use Retargeting To Build Your Snapchat Following


I’ve recently used Facebook and Instagram Retargeting to successfully build my Snapchat audience over the past two weeks; achieving average Click Through Rates of 8.7633% from 5,718 Impressions (at the time of writing this article).


To do this, I combined the steps above to create mutiple Video, Image and Carousel Ads for Facebook Mobile and Instagram. The goal of these Ads was to incentivise people to follow me on Snapchat after they had spent time consuming my content.


snapchat marketing example


I then targeted these Facebook Mobile and Instagram Ads to be shown ONLY to people who have visited my website in the past 24 hours to capitalise on relevancy and top of mind awareness.


marketing on snapchat


If you’d like a step by step guide on How To Retarget With Instagram Ads, check out my free eBook, by clicking here.


Your Turn:


How are you currently using Snapchat as a marketing platform? How have you grown your Snapchat audience? What brands have you seen doing a great job with their Snapchat marketing? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.





Paul Ramondo