DOCUMENT DON’T CREATE (How To Build A Content Funnel)

By Paul Ramondo on

In this business vlog you’ll learn the exact system I use to ‘document don’t create’ as well as the process I use to leverage my business vlog as macro-content and repurpose it into micro-content for distribution on social.

In this week’s vlog, I sit down with Matt J Hanham for a chat about how to ‘document don’t create’ when producing a business vlog. We also chat about how to leverage your business vlog’s macro-content and repurpose it into

You’ll also learn how to vlog by following Gary Vaynerchuk’s rule of ‘document don’t create.’ You’ll also learn how to create an automated funnel based on your macro vlog content which you can then repurpose into microcontent for distribution across your social channels. If you’re considering documentating vs creating when it comes to your business vlog, and want to learn how to create a content funnel, this marketing vlog is for you.

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